Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'd like to spend the next couple of minutes talking about breasts.

Over the last few days I have been interviewing college students who are looking to intern at my agency. One thing, or rather two things, I have noticed is that by and large (and I do mean large) they don't know how to dress properly. The last two art directors I met, both women, were fairly spilling out of their clothes. There were breasts everywhere. A veritable cornucopia of cleavage. They were bastions of boob. They were teeming with teat. A jungle of jiggle.

Thanks for the mammaries, but listen. I like breasts. But they have a time and a place. And yours, young ladies, aren't helping. In fact, they're making me think you're using them as attention grabbers.

So if there are any women in Ad Aged audience who are looking for work, to my daughters, please, ladies. Civility now.


Teenie said...

I've got preggo boobs, Geo, and there ain't nothing I can do about these things. The alarm-system guy pitched his spiel to them for 2 hours the other night. Classy.

Mind, I remember a young coordinator who had to be asked--by a female VP--to please cover up her bazoonkas. Even I would stare when she came to brief me.

jeaves said...

Sort of on topic this weekend I was towed to a BDay party for a 1 year old niece. It was mostly adults and as I sat there eating crustless sandwiches and drinking punch one woman kept revealing about 10 inches of bare back and butt whenever she bent over to play with the child. She had some sort of thongy thingy going on. Another woman kept revealing the same portions but no nothing whenever she did the same. All this took place in a room 15'x15' as I sat beside my better half and my son on my knee.

The plumber thing is in I guess, and to think I've been fashionable all along.

PS Geo do you have an intern position that would do the other interviewing of the interns. Im a little old, but eh...


ugh this picture hurts my eyes. i wish it would go away! they're blinding! i can't see the rest of the page. boing! boing!