Monday, June 8, 2009

It's official: I hate bing.

The visual is of a burly man coiffed in a ridiculous Mohawk. "You are defined by the choices you make," intones the voiceover. And the blather, both visual and verbal goes down hill from there.

"You are defined by the choices you make.
Small ones can become huge.
Every decision is a fork in the road of you.
What if you had a tool to make better decisions.
Now you do."

OK, bing, you are defined by the choices you make. You have interrupted my New York Times time this morning, with your invidiously banal message that is all promise and no proof.

And you want to know something, I use search to look up a quotation by Joseph Heller. I use search to find the phone number and address of a restaurant. These are not defining choices.

Sorry bing.

So far this, bing, this is what you've done. You've interrupted me. You've over-embellished your qualifications. You've exaggerated your worth. And you've talked only about you.

That's not how to start a relationship. Especially since I am already happy in my search relationship with Google.


Teenie said...

Hee hee! "For in the road of you." Oh, how brilliantly almost-vulgar.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Bing doesn't work for everyone. Most people who prefer Google are so used to it, that they won't change to any other search engine. The reason is mroe than that Google gives better results than Bing, it's also that people are used to Google. It has become a habit -- and habits are not easy to break for _some_ people. On the other hand, some people do like Bing. In testing it for the past 3 weeks (I wanted a long term test), Bing's results are usually not quite as good as Google's. On the other hand, many of Google's results are people's junk filled ad pages as people strive for high placement; also I find with Bing that it usually takes me fewer keystrokes to get some results.

I will continue my "experiment" of "life without Google" to see how things play out. Interestingly, I find that I do NOT miss Google at all.