Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vita brevis. Ars longa. Advertising suckus.

Almost two decades ago I worked for a Hall-of-Fame copywriter called Ron Rosenfeld. Ron was the Co-Creative Director and Co-Founder (with Len Sirowitz) of an agency eponymously called Rosenfeld, Sirowitz.

Ron was the most storied copywriter of his day, reputedly the first copywriter in the business to make $100K, back in the early to mid 60s. Speaking of the early to the mid 60s, through much of the 70s, Rosenfeld was probably the most awarded copywriter in the business--the Alex Bogusky of his day.

Earlier today a friend and ex-partner called me. She and her boyfriend were antique shopping in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While in a shop they came upon a cache of hundreds of awards and trophies for sale. They were Ron's.

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Teenie said...

I wonder if there's a moral to the story...?