Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faux Pas.

Right now I am working with a coterie of heavily tattooed people. It is my nature to read whatever is in front of me, so I spend a few minutes a day deciphering the words and glyphs indelibly marked on these people. One guy I'm working with has tattooed his knuckles like Robert Mitchum in "Night of the Hunter." (see above.)

On his knuckles are the letters: TC [Lightning bolt] B.

Me: What does that stand for "The country's best yogurt?"
Him: Douche bag. Taking care of business in a flash.


jeaves said...

Did he mean taking care of business in Flash? Must be a web designer.

Kelly said...

How'd he fit "douche bag" on his knuckles?

Thanks, I needed a laugh George. I can always rely on you.