Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The skin game.

I do not wish to stop and stare
While you display your underwear.
OK Uncles? OK Aunties?
I have no wish to see your panties.

Please get a belt, and hike your slacks,
Your cosmology, discretion lacks.
And do not let it come to pass,
That your jeans fall down below your ass.

Put away your breasts. This ain't the beach,
Keep them safe and out of reach.
You have two choices when it comes to skin,
Let it out or keep it in.
It would make me happy and so much gladder,
If you would kindly choose the latter.


bob hoffman said...

Very good. Except the "put away your breasts" part.

Kelly said...



You've rhymed "aunties" and panties."

Please refund the price of this subscription. ;)

Other than that, oh, wouldn't Ogden Nash be proud! Love it. Never know what's next 'round this joint.



Laura said...

This should be posted in every office I've worked in over the last 5 years.
Way too much skin is always showing and it is often not quality skin, it is quantity skin.

Anonymous said...

More breasts in public please

george tannenbaum said...

When you're at work,
Please do you best,
To show a little
Bit of breast.

Call it sexist,
If you will
To seek this
Tiny bit of thrill.

Kelly said...


Quality skin. I could go for just a touch of that.

Hard to get in an office-attired dude, though.

Seems the gents' definition of quality may involve quantity... Hm.

Until later,