Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In our corporate state, you can divide the world into two parts.
Lovers and Ledgers.

The lovers are usually people who start businesses.
They and their success are driven by passion.
By doing something that makes them famous.
By doing things they love.

Sooner or later, the lovers sell out to the ledgers.

Ledgers are people who try to build a process around a lover's passion.
They watch timesheets to make sure the passion-people don't go overboard.
They make sure there is optimal profit.
They count everything.

Very seldom can lovers and ledgers co-exist.
Usually the ledgers win.
They have the money.


Kelly said...


I'm a lover. A bleeding-heart, little-guys-can-win, bang-my-head-against-the-wall lover.

And like all lovers, I refuse to believe that the lovers can't win.

The tiny Capricorn ledger hiding inside me doing the math in longhand knows you're right, but that stubborn, passionate lover will never listen.

She's noticed who has the money, though. And she ain't happy 'bout that.


Yours in rose-colored glasses with only a few hairline cracks of realism in 'em,


george tannenbaum said...

Kelly, I'm with you. Love with a side-order revenue. Sounds like Irma L' Douce.

Kelly said...

Lacking only in Parisian atmosphere. LOL.