Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting without giving.

It never ceases to annoy me, our three-day-weekend Bacchanals. We have turned what is meant to be solemnity into an orgy of televised sports and barbecued meat. More mourning over a fourth rate child star than memorializing of our war dead. It makes me mad.

We get a day off. But we don't give. We don't think about the meaning of the day. We think about sales.

Getting without giving has ruined us.

Getting without giving has destroyed our economy. We are a Ninja society (no income, no job and no assets.)

In advertising clients want work to perform miracles. They want it to get attention without giving it the money that pays for attention. Getting without giving.

In sports we want to get strength and muscles without giving up the time it takes to get them. We inject steroids. And it's ok. They are our heroes.

I grew up hearing that you get nothing for nothing.

In America today we want everything for nothing.


Tore Claesson said...

People give all the time. They give a shit.

vons cousin said...

Aint that the truth... entitlement has carried us to our current apathetic work ethic, failing economy, loose moral judgement and a society who has a short sited view of well, everything. Made in China. Right now. Who cares who we hurt in the process as long as we make money. It all comes back to GREED. Every sin out there and every failure of man kind comes back to one thing - GREED. It makes me mad too. So, let me say it now, Thank GOD and THANK YOU vets for giving all so we could express ourselves and have the freedom to do so in the USA. God bless all.