Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random thoughts.

I think one of the reasons people are so fat today is that everything sounds like it's something you can eat--everything sounds like food.

I am in Boston now, having attended my older daughter's college graduation. And I'm staying at a fairly nice hotel.

I wash my face with an oatmeal soap. Then I wash my hair with Rosemary-mint shampoo. Together, they'd make a pretty good meal. Though, truth be told, Rosemary Mint sounds like a small-station newscaster in the mid-west.

Finally, there's my mother. Genghis Mom, I used to call her when she let me out of the restraints. She was so evil she gave my sister a Klaus Barbie doll to play with.


Anonymous said...

I hope your daughter isn't going into advertising. If she's smart, she'll do what other smart people do--go into the real knowledge professions: law, medicine, engineering, education.

george tannenbaum said...

Anonymous, you are more positive than I am about the efficacy of other professions. They're pretty much all diseased and low-wage industries now.

Kelly said...

Congratulations, George (and George-daughter)!

I hoped you cried and imagined her in kindergarten and hated the ragged young man she introduced you to and and had a fabulous time.

Brandeis? B.C.? Berklee? Harvard??

Give a hint and Anonymous and I can guess what she's going into. :) If she got anything at all from Pop, she's smart enough for all of them.



Radio Ads said...

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Anonymous said...

George, say what you will about the state of many of our more noble professions, the fact is you can't fake being a good doctor or enginner or teacher of classic Greek antiquity. But one can make-pretend he's a good adman for an entire career. Your blog is a testament to the all the charlatans and poseurs that run your industry.