Thursday, May 6, 2010

We have the technology.

I have been working in advertising since 1984 and have been fairly senior since about 1993. Accordingly I have sat through my share of meetings, workshops, off-sites, deep-dives, brain stormings, and so it goes.

This morning I heard on the news that the wacko nutjob gun-loving terrorist group, the Hutaree are to be released on bail. However they'll have to wear monitors while they're awaiting trial.

Last night I read a review of a new Infiniti model with a big engine whose top speed is "governered" to be limited to 155 mph.

In other words, we can impose limits on excess if we want to.

Well, now allow me to make a plea for some venture capital. Give me a couple million in development funds and I'll create a sensor that will limit peoples' daily allotment of words to, say, 100.

Imagine how much more thoughtful people would be if they knew they had only a few words a day. Posturing would disappear. Three hour meetings would turn into three minute meetings. Work would get done. Business would prosper. The economy would kick into high-gear. Raises would return. And so would wealth and leisure.

And speaking of leisure, here's the thing--you could talk as much as you like while on vacation.


Kelly said...


Would that mean this post would disappear? Uh-oh.

Can we be selective about who gets the sensor? Then, I admit, I'm all for it.



george tannenbaum said...

Yes, Kelly, you and I will decide who gets the sensor. And we can talk as much as we like.

It's my game and they're my rules.

Phil said...

large coffee with half and half and a buttered bagel please. wow, i'd have already used up 10% of my daily allotment before i even got on the bus. run into a lost tourist and you've got to be quiet for the rest of the day.

Kelly said...


That, right there, is what I like about you. Where has your acerbic wit been all my life?

Until later...

Anonymous said...