Friday, May 21, 2010


They're everywhere. Since they're not ironic, they have to wear ironic clothing. Since they're not sure who they are, they have to trumpet their "personality" through brand affinities (I don't need a logo on my glasses.) Since they're not cool, they have to self-consciously dress cool.

Lately, many of them have decided to wear small fedoras and sport soul patches like Thelonious Monk did 50 years ago. They've never listened to Thelonious Monk--that would be too much work.

You know what, hipsters. You're no Thelonious Monk. His farts are cooler than you'll ever be.


eileenerb said...

I love your blog but sometimes you can be kind of a cranky pants. What is hip, anyway?

george tannenbaum said...

I know eileenerb. At my age though I think I am a curmudgeon, not merely cranky.

Anonymous said...

Monk had a goatee not a soul patch. Hipsters have always followed styles, the truly hip set the style. In the end, your complaint is about the lack of substance versus the superficial. That is well taken. That said we live in an era of declining literacy and an economy in decline. I like the fedora craze personally. And as for the brooklyn crowd, well theyre doing exactly what youd expect them to do.