Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This makes sense to me.

Approximately every 28 seconds or so someone somewhere proclaims that print media is dead. My sense is that print isn't dead it's that it hasn't differentiated itself to the point where you'll pay for articles that you can get online for free. Print hasn't advanced itself beyond the everyday chatter of life.

Right now, I'm thinking specifically of the advertising trade magazines: Adweek and AdAge. I can get more vital and intelligent information from any number of free sources like Ad Contrarian, Ad Scam and Dave Trott's blog.

So here's my idea from the paper press.

A weekly article called "WFW?" That's Who's Fucking Whom?

Each week we learn about C-level horizontalism. Not Jack and Diana "powerpointing" in a broom closet. C-level canoodling. Lori boffing John. Miles boinking Bill. Then we can also learn about different kinds of schtupping. Clients sticking agencies. And vice versa.

This would get read and makes sense to me.

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Anonymous said...

George, Hire Kate Gosselin over at your place. Suddenly, everyone who lives in a trailer park in America will be buying Adweek and Ad Age. Nevermind, I'm going to send that idea to Adweek myself right now and demand a percentage.