Thursday, January 24, 2013

About abbreviations.

When I was an ACD, I saw the resume of a fellow ACD who abbreviated her title "Ass. Creative Director."

I vowed never to be an Ass. Creative Director.

Just today I saw an online quip: "I always thought ECD stood for Extra Creative Director."

There are a lot of Extra Creative Directors in our business.

They don't do.

They review.

They're usually first to second guess.

When the going gets tough they're usually gone.

My point isn't to blast them.

My point is to urge you to look inside your title and the work you do.

Are you intrinsic?

Does your work matter?

Do you create work that makes a difference?

Regardless of your title, don't be an ass or an extra.



I want to be an Ass Creative Director. Where do I apply?

Jenny said...

I'm technically an ACD, but whenever anyone asks me what I do, I say, "I'm a copywriter." Because, no matter what my title, doing the work is what matters to me. And telling other people what to do just doesn't give me the same satisfaction as the magic of pulling an idea out of the air. I'm guessing lots of creative directors feel the same way, which is what makes it such a damn hard job to do well.

george tannenbaum said...

Jenny, I do the same thing.
Ostensibly an ECD.
But in reality an aspiring copywriter.

Tore Claesson said...

Isn't ECD short for Ex Creative Director?

Anonymous said...

Any Creative Director who choses to merely be a reviewer or administrator should be fired.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are one