Thursday, January 10, 2013

Machine guns vs. snipers.

In my meanderings I came upon a quotation by Michael Caine about John Huston the great film-director, actor, and writer. 

Caine said: "Most directors don't know what they want so they shoot everything they can think of--they use the camera like a machine gun. John uses it like a sniper."

It's not hard to see the parallels to our business.

Nearly everyday we are subjected to meetings and presentations that are unfiltered. 106 page powerpoint decks containing two pages of thought.

We listen to people who call statements like "people drink coffee in the morning," an insight.

We see teams present 24 "ideas" in "answering" a creative brief.

In other words, we see machine gunners.

We need more snipers.

People who think first.

People who edit.

People who think.

And most of all people people who filter.

Roy Grace, late of DDB esteem, once said that a Creative Director's job is to "take out the garbage."

I wonder if today he'd be as overwhelmed as Staten Island's Fresh Kills landfill. I wonder if he could handle the flow of trash.

I wonder if anyone can.


Anonymous said...
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