Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Country George and the Fish.

A long time ago, probably after reading Holden Caulfield's ruminations about where Central Park's ducks go in the winter, I wondered about what fish do in ponds and lakes when the water freezes.

What I learned is that fish can lower their metabolism. They "slow down" in effect, lower their pulse, so they can survive adverse conditions.

I've always envied this ability in fish.

I wish when I was stuck on a long plane flight, in shul during the High Holy Days, or, most often, trapped in some endless and mindless morass at work--the usual messy stew of indecision and pontification--I was more like a fish.

I wish I could lower my metabolism until it all just goes away.


Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

or you could aspire to be like a dolphin who never truly sleeps but can rest half their brain at a time so they can still breathe and rest... pretty badass