Friday, January 4, 2013

More graffiti.

Two of my favorite bits of graffiti are from long ago and far away.

When I was a kid, Consolidated Edison--Con Ed--the electric company had the slogan "Clean Energy" emblazoned on all of its many trucks. Someone graffitied it as above.

And when I was a slightly older kid--20 years old and wandering the savage 70s streets of Chicago, there was a street gang called "The Latin Eagles." They would "tag" every underpass, elevated stanchion and culvert in their turf. Someone boldly graffitied their graffiti, again, as above.


Rich Siegel said...

Best graffitti ever seen was a note scribbled on a condom machine: Don't chew this gum, it's awful.

Graham Strong said...

Wonder if that last one was subsequently re-tagged, "BEATEN BAGLESS" when they were caught.