Monday, January 14, 2013

From Ed McCabe.

By way of Sell! Sell!'s marvelous blog.

“Advertising has evolved into a business driven by megalomaniacs who know
a lot about making money but little or nothing about making advertising.
In some respects it's also being driven by “creatives,” who have it wrong
to the opposite extreme. They believe the ad or commercial is everything
and that winning awards is something. They've lost sight of the fact that
advertising, in and of itself, isn't anything. Advertising's sole purpose
is to be the cause of something else. To cause a sales increase. To cause
a shift in perception. To cause the creation of an edifice of imagery that
allows a product or service to be something. But advertising itself is
nothing. Nothing but a means to an end. Only fools believe the means is as
important or significant as the end.”

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Anonymous said...

I've accumulated a number of wall hangings over the last 15 or so years that may stroke my ego, but in all good conscience are nothing by themselves. Just ads.

By the same token, if a war plane's job is to drop bombs, the war plane has nothing to feel good about until its payload is dropped. On target.

Of course, I don't drop bombs on strategic military targets,I drop thoughts on people; points of persuasion, the impact of which can be amazing.

If Ed McCabe hired me to do that in his company, we'd both end up doing what we love. Maybe better than anybody else around.

When you appreciate the difference between the idea and the effect, the sky is the limit.
Bill Force