Friday, January 18, 2013

Some thoughts for the disconsolate.

There comes a time in everyone's career when they feel like shit.



Lower than low.

They're treated badly.

They're working harder than those around them.

And being treated worse.

Their bosses are fuckheads.

Their clients are worse.

And it seems, there's no way out.

Everyone, everyone I've ever met anyway, feels this way at times.

What do you do when it strikes you, as it inevitably will?

Hunker down.

Remind yourself what you do well.

Breathe deep.

Show some courage.

And do what you do.

Ignore the bullies, the brow beaters,  the damners and the doubters.

Ignore the bullshit, the politics, the volume of vomitous venom.

And be who you are.

Remind yourself of all you've accomplished.

The accounts you have won.

The businesses you have helped to grow.

The accolades you have received.

Like a basketball coach whose team goes 60-22 one year
and 22-60 the next, remind yourself that that coach is the same coach,
the same person.

As are you.

Your past successes were not a fluke.

You are you.

If you're wearing pants, hike them up.

Be you.

Keep your head up.

And your pencil down.

Do your job as only you can do it.

That's how you survive.


That's how you thrive.


Anonymous said...

Is there any self criticism George? Yes, much of what you've observed is true..from WIlliamsburg to the Upper West Side....but is not your generation guilt of its own excesses? You're turning into Mr Intolerant and while some of it is well founded, shrewd and funny, its peaks a deeper loathing that could use some self reflection as eel. HUmans are imperfect. AMerican culture in the 21C seems over attenuated, shrill, intolerant, self indulgent, and technology is often a crutch. BUt either you believe humanity has a future or you don't. Same for the industry were in.

Stefan R

Tore Claesson said...

George writes about himself, as human being, in the context of his job and life.Thus it's also touching on the life of many others. If you don't know yourself you don't know anyone.

Jules Richmond said...

Everyday is a constant challenge. That is a given. Either you do your best or you let others get the best of you. Only by keeping up, doing what you do best, and staying constant in your goals will you get any success.