Thursday, June 19, 2014

A statistical goof.

This morning I got another one of those "TV is dead" articles, bemoaning, this time the loss of an entire generation of people who simply don't watch TV.
The email promoting the article had the above as its text.

21 minutes a week.



That's not even one sitcom.

Then I read the article which had advertising executives in Cannes scared to death about this information.

"I'm nervous about being out of a job a year from now..." one of them said.

The changes seemed that seminal.

I read the article, of course, with my usual healthy cynicism. People will watch commercials, I believe, if we make them good.

The killer app, I believe, isn't a device, or a pixel, or a channel. It's creativity. It's breaking through. It's uniting a fractured universe through something universally enjoyed or provocative.

In any event, I finished the article.

And there was a correction at the end of it.

It probably should have been at the beginning of the article.

Nevertheless, it read:

My high school math says that's a margin of error of 6000%.

Like saying a car gets 1200 mpg rather than 20 mpg.

I don't have the feeling I'll be out of work in a year.

So I went back to work.

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