Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I have to say I see nothing remarkable about Google's self-driving car.

I'd wager that no copywriter does.

That's because since I began in the business, people have been saying to me and other copywriters, "that copy practically writes itself."

In other words, "self-writing copy."

In real life, though we're often treated like drones, copy doesn't happen by autopilot.

Especially copy that seems so simple and so right and so...ineffable.

That copy took work.

The simpler, the righter it feels, the more work went into it.

I've been in and around the advertising business literally my whole life.

Since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Or before man was erect if you want to get dirty about it.

And virtually no copywriter is faster than I am.

That's not because my copy writes itself.

It's because I write it.


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