Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Advertising advice from Frank Sinatra.

There was an obituary in today's "Times" that made me think of advertising. At least the last part did, advice from Frank Sinatra.

The obit was of Joseph Charles Michael Tafarelli, aka Steve Rossi, who formed the debonair half of a Martin and Lewis-type act in the 1960s. You can read the obit here.

Here's the part that really got me. 

A story about Rossi seeking advice from Ol' Blue Eyes. 

The Times reports: “In the early ’60s, Marty and I opened for Sinatra. I went to his dressing room. I said, ‘Frank. We’re very nervous. Can you give us some advice?’ He said, ‘Yeah, kid. First: Do the best you can. Second: Give ’em all you got. Third and most important: Remember, they didn’t come to see you in the first place.’”

I think that kind of works for advertising:

Do the best you can. 

Leave nothing on the table. 

And make your work good enough to compensate for the fact that no one really wants to see it.

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