Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Old Iron Ass.

I show up in the office before everyone else. When I have pressing things to do—
like I do most days—an ad to write or a commercial to come up with, I plant myself on my Aeron and face my keyboard and start pecking.

Earlier this week I had a bunch of headlines to write. I settled myself in my seat and spun out 75.

Once the headlines were done, it was time for taglines. I filled three pages, single-spaced, with lines.

When I get work like this, I become Old Iron Ass.

I sit as enduringly as Bartleby at his scrivener’s table and I write.

I stay zeroed in on my screen. I get in a groove and type. I type for hours without respite. I stay in my seat until I am done. No Facebook. No phone calls. Not even bathroom breaks.

Old Iron Ass will get it done.

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