Monday, June 9, 2014

In praise of repetition.

After about twenty years of hearing that all traditional media is dead and seeing all new media flounder (despite new media's hype) I'm coming to the conclusion that in our headlong embrace of Integrated Marketing Communications starting about 20 years ago, we've over-looked something absolutely seminal.

That is repetition.


Repeating yourself.

Having the same message in 99 different channels is not the same thing as repeating your message 99 times in one channel.

Another, perhaps caustic, way of phrasing this belief is this: There are no short-cuts.

In other words, if you want to make an impression, you have to buy an impression. For every viral hit, there are billions of videos that have no audience.

If you want to make an impression, do something impressive. And air it.

I don't think there's any media magic that can overcome that logic.

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