Monday, May 12, 2008

"Daddy, what's TV?"

"Well, junior, there was a time when people watched entertainment on a box and they could only watch it when executives told them they could. Further every seven minutes or so, that entertainment was interrupted by crass blandishments to buy some garbage. That was TV, sonny."

"Oh, Daddy, I wish you'd just give me a straight answer sometime."

In advertising we talk incessantly about TV commercials. We celebrate them with awards and lavish upon them praise as if they were worthy of a Nobel Prize. Super Bowl spots are going for close to three million dollars for a thirty.

Yet CMOs are turning over faster than rooms in a hot-sheet trucker motel.

Could it be that no one is watching TV anymore? That according to the NYTimes, in one year six-million prime time viewers have disappeared? Read the comments found in the link below. I realize NYTimes readers are a rarefied lot but they can't be alone in their abandonment of our Generalized Drivel Disorder.

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