Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am stupid.

I suppose I'm fairly successful but no where nearly as successful as a lot of people. I can only conclude it's because I am stupid.

I cannot utter inanities like an ex-boss of mine just did with his smarmy confidence and faux British accent: "If this were a subset of Agency Name, it wouldn't create focus for what's a collaborative model."

I don't get that.

I am also too stupid to understand an agency that trumpets this as a mission: "Agency Name to Produce Ideas for Brands and Manage Distribution Strategies."

I thought ideas needed to be created not just produced. But then, I don't work at that agency any more.

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Tore Claesson said...

the problem with great minds is that it often takes another great mind to recognize it. Only after it's been recognized will other nod in unison.
I don't know that Einstein was a genius, I wouldn't get what he did if he tried to explain it to me as I'm too stupid for that. I am told he is a genius. By other geniuses. I believe them.
However, I think I can tell when I read a story written by a genius. Because, at least, I can read. And appreciate a good story. But what the heck the guy you describe said is either way above me, or the sort of non-speak that makes a person successful in the corporate world?
In which case it's an art i definitely will never learn.