Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The "Little Bang" Theory.

Unless you're a reality-denying creationist, even without knowing exactly what it is, you probably, at some germinal level, subscribe to the Big Bang Theory. That is, the cosmological set-piece that asserts that billions of years ago all of the matter and energy in the universe was initially found in a very small space. An explosion happened which caused the universe to begin expanding.

The "Little Bang" Theory is the obverse and is usually subscribed to by marketing people and their agencies. They believe that just creating a message is enough. That a little bang, i.e. a spot running on a show like "World's Largest Nostrils," or your print ad in "Cooking Light" is enough. In fact, since most clients and agencies subscribe to th philosophy of "Fly low, fly slow and try not to crash," they are actually loathe to anything but the Little Bang.

The Little Bang is tantamount to throwing your money away. It's hosting a party without sending out invitations. It's running a business without opening your doors. It's going to your prom but not taking off your dress.

If you think about prominent brands, Crispin, Madonna, Apple, Iran--they never do anything small. They are Big Bang brands. They start with intense density and heat (an idea)and explode it and thus diseminate it outward (intrusive, innovative media.) Most everyone else does the opposite.

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