Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Etched in the annals of dumbness.

The daily onslaught of dumbness in modern Amerika knows no limits. From street signs in Manhattan that have elected to abbreviate “avenue” as “av” (to save a letter?) to being twenty-fourth in line for take-off this morning at LaGuardia, to a president who gives up golf during a war he started in order to show his sense of sacrifice, as Vonnegut might say, “and so it goes.”

This morning I got on the Delta Shuttle to Boston. I’ll admit I think there’s a battle raging between supermarket owners, airlines and movie theater owners as to who has the worst management, but this was a new one on me and left me nearly as speechless as I get.

A message is printed (at an upward slant, of course) on the “other” side of the Delta-branded vomit bag so you can also use it during a stopover to say your seat is occupied. And that message says, in all caps: “I’LL BE BACK.” Just what I want my vomit bag to tell me.

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