Saturday, May 24, 2008

Experiential advertising.

One of the cliches of the current marketing world is "experiential advertising" or "marketing." It's all the rage. The experiential segment of the industry is growing at a halcyon clip.

Posit that.

You call customer service and need ten minutes to get through a phone tree, then you battle with a rep who is either surly or unable to help you. You land at LaGuardia at 11PM and somehow, though no other planes are landing, no gate is ready. You're told your baggage will be on carousel 3, you wait there for ten minutes and there's an announcement it will emerge on carousel 5, then another garbled announcement sends you like a tennis ball back to carousel 3. You can't get help in a big box retailer--you can't find anyone and when you do, they know nothing.

This isn't bad customer service, this is experiential advertising.

Experiential advertising. Get it right or go out of business.

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