Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Election poem.

I do not care about the war.
Global warming I find a bore.
Do I care if polar bears perish?
Our Christian values are what I cherish.

Let everyone go buy a weapon,
No waiting time, just let them, let them,
Forget about the price of fuel,
Or overcrowding in our school,
These are not important facts,
Our sanctity is now attacked.

Something's bad, it's all quite rotten,
And no, I don't mean O. Bin-Laden.
The issue that keeps me up at night,
Is gay men who assert the right,
To join themselves with Holy vows,
And thus they mock our sacred cows.
Would Jesus deign to tolerate,
This deep assault upon our state?

Will they kiss and then hold hands?
Watch morals vanish from our lands.
Forget all else, what hath god wrought
Can we withstand this gay assault?
Vote for me election day
Land of the free, but not the gay.

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