Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gulag Americana.

Your tax dollars, sixty-million of them, are being used, according to The New York Times, to "build a complex of 6 to 10 semi-permanent structures (how is a structure semi-permanent? WTF does that mean) resembling Quonset huts, each the size of a football field, a Defense Department official said." Add these football-field sized human cages to our cages in Cuba and Iraq and who knows where else the CIA has people secreted away, and you have an international gulag.

I am not being melodramatic.

Naomi Wolf, in her seminal work on the rise of American Fascism, "The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot," puts the creation of a gulag as step two in the ten steps that fascists from Hitler to Pinochet follow as they create and propagate their tyranny.

By the way, in the US, we have an incarceration rate of 724 people per 100,000 population. Cuba--our oppressive anti-democratic neighbor incarcerates just 487/100,000. South Africa the baldly racist apartheid state, 344/100,000. Even in drug-riven Mexico it's only 191/100,000 and in neo-Czarist, KGB-led Russia it's just 581/100,000. Here in freedom-loving, flag waving, Liberty-bell ringing Amerika, nearly 1% of all men are in prison, a staggering 8% of all black men between the ages of 25-29 are behind bars.

Gulag Americana.

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