Friday, March 11, 2011

The Manifesto Manifesto.

A friend passed this on to me. It was passed on to him by the lovely Cara Kelly. Most notably, it was written by Kim Mok. I think it's absolutely perfect.


Graham Strong said...

You're right -- it is perfect. Kumquat! It's the rallying cry of a new generation.


Anonymous said...

Ad guys, ad guys. Everyone of you has been guilty of this and far worse at some point in your careers. It's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Self righteous? honest? Or just the undercurrent of self loathing disguised as criticism which underlies your industry and mine.

Should we put on the too tight jeans and fedora and head to SXSW or just grumble about the industries in which we work but declare ourselves innocent of all crimes.


Unashamed hedge fund trader

george tannenbaum said...

Of course, Scott, we are guilty. The better among us can laugh at ourselves or castigate ourselves for stooping to cliche.

And if you're Jewish, as I am, self-loathing is part of your religion. It's life-affirming.

Anonymous said...


Well said. I work in an industry probably as loathed and self loathed as advertising. That said, it can be self fulfilling and indulgent to do it too much.

Just my 2 cents


I'm not Jewish, I'm a Hindu. Guilt is non- denominational