Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All my life's a circle.

Well, of course we want to get noticed. We don't have the advertising budget that a lot of our competitors have, so we have to do something that punches above our weight. So we know we have to do something unexpected. That said, we can't do something that isn't "us" or it will alienate our franchises, so we need something controversial but in a safe and responsible way. Yes, and we want something that rallies our organization, that makes them proud to be a part of the organization, but we can't ask them to do anything or dictate any behavior to them because they are busy enough. So while we want to give them a bit of a kick in the ass, we don't want to kick them in such a way that they actually feel anything. Yes, we want to be involved in the implementation of this campaign but not so involved that we have to stay late, miss our regularly scheduled after-work yoga class, or actually do anything. We want to be involved in a non-committal no-involvement kind of way.


Kelly said...


In life as in business! I know the spiel too well, but what really cracked me up is that you could rewrite this for anything from health/fitness to government financial austerity. The characters change but the game's the same. Non-committal no-involvement is all the rage. Yikes.



george tannenbaum said...

Hi, Kelly, you're back! Yay!