Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's talk about your ass.

In terms of asses, there are two types of people in advertising agencies. The ass-hiders and the ass-putter-outers.

The ass-hiders live within a narrow band of expectation. They understand the acceptable range of acceptable work and they do just enough to answer the call. You know these people. There are scads of them. Waves, they don't make. Ass-hiders often kiss ass. It's how they protect their ass.

There are fewer, of course, ass-putter-outers. These are the people who are bent on trying new things. Who think before they answer. Who question everything--especially prevailing "wisdom." Ass-putter-outers are often the ones in agencies who get fired. Because their work often misses the mark, or fails to keep a client happy. Ass-putter-outers often get their asses kicked.

I think about this this morning. I am a bit worried about my ass.


Anonymous said...

And then there are just the asses.

Anonymous said...

Its a business that was once described to me aptly as the "ass end" of the donkey. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

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