Tuesday, March 15, 2011


One of the troubles of our time is a matter of definitions. Nothing means anymore what it used to mean.

Celebrity is one example. You used to have to do something. Act in a movie, write a book, sit on a flagpole for 30 straight days, engage in serial affairs with other celebrities.

Today all you need is an ample, largely prosthetic ass and a press agent.

Another example are the words "creative director." The holder of that title used to have to be able to both "create" and "direct." You used to have to have an abundance of experience and it was understood you made a fair amount of money. Today if you search the title online you'll see some job listing demanding 3-5 years experience, offering between $40K-$70K where the prime requirement is the applicant's knowledge of flash.

One last example. Helping the less fortunate or disaster victims. At one time we lowered our personal flags to half mast. We thought about these people and we donated either elbow grease or significant amounts of money. Today it seems--at least judging by my Facebook feed--it's ok to change your profile picture and thumb ups for help. Most people brook no interruption to their banality. The tragedy is commented upon but not felt.

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