Thursday, March 17, 2011

In a nutshell.

The internet was supposed to deliver to the world, or at least the world of modern communications, a host of splendors. It was supposed to speed the forming of communities. It was supposed to help tie people together. Help them communicate better. It was billed as being able to speed and increase commerce.

Whatever the issue, "there's an app for that" became the response.

Guess what?

The world, macro or micro, is full of problems for which there is no app.

Japan has exploded and according to some reports is as radioactive as a TSA guard's ass. The entire Middle East has Shi'as fighting Sunnis in a battle that's been raging for 1,000 years. As a nation it appears America has lost its will to be great.

There are no apps for that. Or those.

In short, the thorny problems of living on Earth are huge.
The thorny problems of influencing customers and prospects are huge.

The internet, like the telegraph before it, like the telephone before it, like the Panama canal and the Suez Canal, promised shortcuts that people inflated into panaceas.

There are no panaceas. There's only hard work.


Anonymous said...
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george tannenbaum said...

Anonymous, I am removing your comment, something I don't usually do. Because it mentions a client name. Let me just say, some times you can't keep the dinosaurs from the tar pits. And you wind up trying to reduce a 30 lb. bag of shit to 25 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Tried to mask the name, just would like to know that given your critical take on the industry, what are you doing creatively to set yr client apart?

Or do we all live in the same swill pit.

Anonymous said...

Swill pit it is then. Kudos to Orwell for getting it right fellow swill pitters.