Thursday, March 10, 2011


"Forbes" reports that Facebook has "minted six billionaires." Which proves there's money to be made in announcing that Marcia is going to the spa after work and Will is at TED.

She was so ugly she was declared a "no fly zone."

David Broder, the Pulitzer-winning political reporter who died yesterday, wrote an average of 250,000 words a year. It takes us a year to write the 60 words that make up a 30-second spot.


Anonymous said...

If you were one of them, you'd be happy.This is ad world. If people win the lottery good for them. Would you take the money? I think yes.

Anonymous said...

Consider this: is your work helping mankind or are you just selling sh@t? This isn't writing dissertations on Kant or Hegel? It's advertising. Easy to criticize as a process but everyone in the industry is somewhat full of bs also, even you George no matter how witty I may think you are.