Sunday, March 20, 2011

45 minutes in the Met.

It's a beautiful Spring day in Manhattan. The early trees are beginning to bud, a few forsythia are yellowing, even a dogwood or two are showing their pink blossoms. After our run, my wife re-upped our membership at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, surely one of the greatest museums in the world.

Since our trip to Italy we've been on a Caravaggio jag, so we saw the Caravaggios in residence. The light and radiance. The darkness and juxtaposition. Then we saw the Met's sole Bernini: "Faun Teased by Children," a stunning work the artist created when he was just 18.

Finally, I spent about ten minutes in front of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's "The Corn Harvest." This painting got me thinking about advertising in that three people are working and about a dozen or so are goofing off. Finally, to the left of the Bruegel was a Bosch, "Christ's Descent Into Hell," with people entering the depths through the open mouths of a giant skull.

There's a lot that sucks about the world. The entire Middle East is in revolt, radiation looms over the world's third largest economy and about half of America doesn't believe in evolution. Also, the 120 cruise missiles we shot at Libya yesterday cost $569,000 each--at a time when America is broke.

Regardless of all that, 45 minutes at the Met makes you feel better.


Anonymous said...

Better to repeat Bosnia and Darfur and let a murderous despot kill thousands? Easy to be blithe about cruise and tomahawk missiles when you're enjoying an afternoon at theMet. My wife's relatives in Benghazi are not so fortunate.

I am thankful someone launched those missiles even if you're not.

I like your blog often Mr Tannenbaum. This entry not so much.

Hassan K

george tannenbaum said...

I'm sorry, you're right Hassan. I pray for the people of Libya.