Friday, March 18, 2011


The problem with the advertising business is that it's a business. A client decides to pay you 12 million dollars to do shit, it takes a special group of people not to do that shit--to resist the lure of mammon.

You fight, of course, you show them a "righter" way, a way you believe in your heart to achieve all the things they want their work to achieve but with some taste and dignity, but, as my mentor once said about another client, 'Some times you can't keep the dinosaurs from the tar pits.'

That's right, some times you do work that blows.

You shouldn't accept shit work. You shouldn't convince yourself that it's good. You shouldn't rationalize. You shouldn't stop fighting.

But some times you just have to lie back and think of England.



mary said...

sometimes you lay all your mind and heart in, but then realize that it is wasted. you learned another ugly truth, as far as truth goes. and then better let go. theres only so much time one should indulge themselve in frustration i think.

Anonymous said...

Rage, rage against the dying of the light: yeah I can buy that but the proof is in the doing: shoe me something you're doing now at your large, high profile employer that is killer work.

george tannenbaum said...

Some times you do crap. You find a way to do better the next time.

Anonymous said...

Just be honest that you contribute to the c" crap " as well. Too many of the industry's critics exempt themselves.

What bate you doing now that isn't crap?