Friday, September 16, 2011

As promised.

One of my new spots. Be gentle with me.


simon billing said...

Based on your description of the process I suspect you started out with a lot less copy. Client certainly gets value from Tommy Lee based on words/sec.

Which is a shame as he's no doubt a good persona for this kind of product, but character gets sacrificed for copy points.

Anonymous said...

Well George, Cannes it ain't. You must be unhappy with this as it fails on virtually every level from talent to idea. ErrolMorris shot this? He probably will not admit to it. Time to eat humble pie my friend. The carrion will tear this work apart. Maybe you shouldn't be so critical of others work or the digital space.


peggy said...

if i wanted to consult a company concerning my financial future, they would be one to contact. i personally dont care whether mr jones or anyone is telling me about not taking a bailout. a woman with some life experience would be a great change as well.

tim, i bet you loved prudential sunrise. even more so because they got an app. dont they have one. or some html5 frenzy with a band? no? dammit, no cannes gold then.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect, I have to say trite and wallpapers. Sorry, I don't want to hurt your feelings but I can't believe this is where you wound up. You must be sick about it.


Anonymous said...


As gently as I can, it didn't move me at all. It didn't persuade me, grab my attention or was it memorable. I'm afraid it's a miss, a big one.

I believe you know this and after all those scripts, it must be a bitter pill.

Ben Kepes

Anonymous said...

My spots are all, and I mean ALL, absolutely fantastic. I am the master and ruler of the advertising world. I am bursting with ideas. I AM success. Apart from that, I am a man of integrity and character.

Here is a link to my portfolio, so you can see for yourself what my pompous opinion is worth.


Anonymous said...

Tim, Rashid, Ben Kepes. Now that you have seen mine, can you show me yours?


Adasaurus said...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

KL said...

Kept my attention because of Mr. Jones and that I have been an Ameriprise client for years. Did reinforce my comfort/satisfaction level. Don't know if it would have drawn me away from a competitor.

Anonymous said...

I think when you ask for criticism, you have to expect it. I know this isn't your best work. That picture you ran of hundred scripts is proof of that. That said, expect negativity. They must be a difficult client. Its hard to defend.


Red Red said...

Feels like a lot to pack in 30 seconds. As a result, I don't walk away with a clear message. TLJ seems a little tired to me.
Interesting strategic choices. I'm sure you fought your battles. Ultimately, I blame it on the client - an apparently weak marketer perhaps trying to appease multiple constituents within a large organization.

Anonymous said...

There are no excuses for sub par work. We've all been there; You either push through or abdicate. What is fascinating for me is that clearly all this can't be blamed on the client though it might be nice to think it could. George, take your lumps, then get up and do better. Or go somewhere where you can. I couldn't stay at an agency where I had to produce crap. Is it the client or is it the agency? Both I presume.

Stefan H

Anonymous said...

Tommy Lee looks like a haggard JOhnny Cash. Man, has he aged. Weird choice.

Tim said...

C'mon you guys. This is Tommy Lee Jones. The man's golden. Here endeth the lesson.

Red Red said...

Stefan H-
You raise some good points. Makes me think though, of the Golden Rule: he who has the gold, rules, even if the client is an idiot. I think it's particularly true in a this economy. In the end, you're right, it falls on both the client and the agency, and you can always walk away.

Comment about TLJ sounds like something a client would say.