Friday, September 2, 2011

A memory.

When I was a kid, the television world I watched every evening was a wildly different place than the world we now live in. Domestic problems were small. Crimes were solved neatly in every episode. Beautiful people or cowboys (who were beautiful to me) smoked long cigarettes. And women really did worry about waxy yellow build-up.

I was just nine years old when the above commercial came out and it was something of a symbol on how the world was changing. It was notorious, it was sexy, it was startling. It also featured just about the most beautiful woman me and my friends had ever seen.

These were, as I said, different times. My friends and I wouldn't have known what to do with this woman--sex wasn't as ubiquitous and available as it is today, but we were able to admire her from afar.

When I hit 7th grade, I was 12 or so, my Latin teacher was absolutely gaga over this woman. After class when we would hang with him--he was funny, and probably just about ten years older than we were, he would talk about the Noxema woman and Brigette Bardot.

Every one of his Latin classes would start with him counting backwards from ten in Latin, and when he got to "nihil" (nothing) we had to be in our seats. This wouldn't be memorable except the word in Latin for six was "sex" and our teacher would linger on the word to the merriment of all of us.

No advertising point today.

Just a memory.

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