Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tannenbaum's Graph.

As a corollary to Hayden's Mandala (below) I have derived Tannenbaum's Graph (above). It simply, I think, depicts the course new business pitches and other assignments follow.

We start at a moderate level. We're excited about the project, but concerned about timing, if we have the right teams, if you, yourself have run out of ideas.

Then, quickly, there is a period of elation. You've cracked it--and quick! All is right with the world. The business is as good as won, the project solved, glory is on its way.

Then, boom, reality. Someone's done it before. You're off brief. Your boss doesn't like it. You crater. Plummet to a dark place.

Then, you reach down and pull good things to the surface. You do the hard work of work and get to a place you like.

At that point you are nearing your deadline. And here's where exogenous factors intrude. Good agencies and teams find ways to build the work up, to make it better, to make selling it easier. They rally around the work and buoy spirits.

Bad agencies and teams do the reverse. And work takes a turn for the worse.

Nearly every assignment and pitch I've ever been involved with has followed the above line. It's just the way things go.

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Tore Claesson said...

Oh well, I have to counter with my TC graph then.