Tuesday, July 10, 2012


One of the things that through the years I've grown convinced of is this: I believe about 90%- 95% of people don't know how to read.

No, I'm not being funny.

Or saying something for effect.

I truly believe that the great majority can't read.

Their brains, miniscule as they are, are so fragmented and scattered that they see letters on a page but they cannot process their shapes.

Or they are so consumed by fear and politics that words themselves lose their meaning.

Or they look at the page with such excruciating intensity that they see individual words but not the context they're in.

There's no other way you can explain the miasma of our industry. The bullshit that gets spouted that's so devoid of precision and definition that even the spoutee has no idea of what he's mouth-farting.

There's no other way you can explain the bullshit of the pontificators who proclaim marketing is dead or some such.

If it's dead, maybe it's because no one says anything and no one has the patience to read.

You cannot market to the deaf and blind.

That's what so many have become.


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