Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dear Account People,

I'll make this simple for you.

You often ask me (since I'm the one who actually creates and produces all the customer-facing work on our account) if "there's anything you can do for me."

Well, yes, now that you ask, there is one thing.

You can filter.

The ratio of dumb requests, comments and meetings in today's world is roughly 100 to one smart one. Rather than passing all that dumbness onto me, I'd like you to spend 35 seconds or so thinking through what's being said or asked.

If you know the request will make those little veins at my temples dance like Isadora Duncan, don't just pass it onto me. Try to use your gifts and shield me from it.

If the client hands you a 10-lb. bag of shit, try to remove eight pounds from the bag before you pass it along to me.

Not only will doing so make my life easier, our work will be better and I will stop thinking of ways to feed you into the paper shredder.


Tore Claesson said...

That's actually what the very best account people do, or at least did, at the very best agencies. There are two types however, even of that rare species. 1. The account person who actually believes in great creative and like creative e people. They are smart and convincing and add value to both the agency and the client. 2. The ones who make life easier for the creative people, but only because he/she thinks the creative is a kid that's best kept away from reality.They probably think the same about the client people. They are great manipulators and sales people. Both work. I tend to like the first group better. I've been fortunate in my earlier career to have met some in that category. Some in the latter category too. But most are just well meaning but no geniuses. I think account people should have portfolios, with the work they've been part of, not only CVs with impressive clients mentioned and university grades.

willharvey said...

The comment was much more purposeful. But the blog post was better written...together they made great reading.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes totally agree.
From an old school account person

Anonymous said...

Shit filterer would be a more descriptive job title

Jim Powell said...

Great post George. Not enough account people know what shit looks or smells like. So they just put it all in the bag.