Monday, July 23, 2012

Life with holding companies.

I am embroiled in a fight with the finance people of my agency. They are kicking back expenses because I don't have receipts for subway rides to the client. There is so much wrong in this I want to take a sledge hammer to Michael Roth's sphincter, that is, if he has one which I doubt.

First off, I am a senior--perhaps the most senior creative in the agency. I bill out--at 246% billability at some unconscionable rate. I have been with the holding company for more than ten years and have never been accused of financial malfeasance. Now some motherfucking peon in some self-satisfied cubicle is kicking back $150 of subway fares and asking for receipts.

Second, what happened in this business that we are taking subways to client meetings in the first place. Is it really too much to stick us in a car service. The pissant holding company should be kissing my boots, I'm probably the reason the account remains here.

Third, how dare you make me guilty until proven innocent. How dare you.

Fourth, pay me my fucking money before I rip a urinal from the motherfucking wall.


Rich Siegel said...

After 17 years of on/off service to a large holding company I had a similar encounter with the finance folks. We were doing a huge pitch for a software company. I bought a book ($13.99) on customer relationship management software - a topic I knew nothing about - so I could learn a little about the topic.

The bean counters refused to reimburse me because the book didn't have pictures in it and would therefore be useless in the art library.

True story.

Anonymous said...

An SVP coworker at a large holding company had a one day, in and out flight to a client in the hinterlands. Hinterland airport closed due to weather and he stayed the night. Accounting didn't blink at the dinner, hotel room and breakfast, but would not reimburse a couple bucks for the toothbrush/paste and shaving kit because he was expected to be prepared for that.