Tuesday, May 13, 2014

12 Things no one in advertising ever said.

1. Great 162-page Powerpoint presso! Let's put that on the air.
2. I chose this job because they had the best holding company culture.
3. The creative here isn't too good, but we have the best HR department.
4. My last agency was too quiet. I love working elbow-to-elbow at one 200-foot-long continuous desk.
5. Wow! Did you see that sponsored post on Facebook last night?
6. I have no idea what Company X sells, but I love their UX.
7. You're right.
8. Please use more buzzwords, I almost understood that last sentence.
9. 110 decibles! Damn the noise-canceling headphones. Airport-level noise helps me concentrate.
10. Those old people are so experienced, I could really learn from them.
11. Yes, the world's largest ad spend comes from Scrabble and Lego. How else could they win all those awards.
12. There's an intelligent discussion today on Agency Spy.

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