Thursday, May 15, 2014

They shot it wrong.

Today, the big news in New York is the much-delayed opening of the 9/11 Museum. I say much- delayed because to my mind, we should have proven our resolve as a nation and had the new tower and the memorial museum built and operating in a single year. Our ability to rebuff and rebound would then have served as a counterpoint to those who would like to tear down America.

In any event all over the news this morning they are showing the fountains built into the foundations of the two original Twin Towers.

The waters in these fountains cascade from street-level into the depths of the original foundations. From street level, it appears that the waterfalls are bottomless. That the water falls to infinity. This is the way the falls are meant to be viewed. At least that's my opinion.

However, the local news crews are all shooting from a story or two above. You can see the bottom into which the water falls.

It loses its effect.

It's sad when mutations like this happen.

When art is lessened by how it's displayed.

It's like looking at the Mona Lisa through a passing subway car window.

The artist, architect, copywriter or art director can do little about shit like this.

All of us, no matter what our business, work in the maelstrom. Cacophony is our metier.

Too often we spend hours and days making a commercial and we act as if people will be rapt when viewing it.

We miss the point that our spot is most likely viewed between chomps on a handful of Doritos out of the corner of one's eye while they're being screamed at to take out the garbage.

In short, no one looks at anything under ideal conditions.

That's reality.

That's Life 101.

So make sure what you have to say gets heard. In Dave Trott's paradigm, make sure you make an impact. Make sure you get noticed.

And then, whether it's 30-seconds on soap suds or a memorial to the dead, make sure your message is as clear as the ice in a dry martini.

Do those things and you have at least a chance of success.

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