Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Signal vs. noise.

In the constant battle between signal and noise, noise has won.

We surround ourselves with Buzz-Feedy junk and act as if we are getting news.

We immerse ourselves in social networks and while away hours reading the banal solipsisms of our virtual friends or seeing what they had for dinner or mulling over a cat that needs adoption.

We willingly turn over our private data to giant corporations and whistle while they market us to death.

In advertising, noise has won as well. It has overwhelmed cogency. It has inundated signal.

177-page decks.

72 sponsored Facebook posts.

Dozens of tiny banner ads that are all but unviewable.

Vines. Tweets.

All supersede our real job of clarifying and defining the brands we work on.

We're meant to create clarity.

What we create is a mess.

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