Saturday, May 24, 2014

Off to the Cape.

Years ago, before things got complicated, my friends and I had the world pretty much on a string. If we worked all summer, for 13 weeks, we could make $1300. That was enough to give us $20/week for school expenses with $100 leftover.

With that $100, we would head up to Cape Cod and live seven of us in an "efficiency" for a week and drink beer, eat heroes and play wiffle ball endlessly on the beach. The evenings would be turned over to looking for winsome feminine forms.

I had a 1964 Mercury Park Lane, a blue behemoth that could seat an entire professional football team. I had a portable cassette player that I plugged into lighter in the ashtray below the dash. That way we could listen to Pink Floyd or the Beatles as we headed north.

The Cape has changed less in 40 years than most of the world. There are chain stores now and I suppose more traffic and more new-Gilded-Age glitz. But it is still primarily unspoiled.

At least I hope so.

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