Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recruiting Recruiters.

Many years ago, I had a big title and an even bigger corner office. I got those appurtenances because I could do things that very few other creatives could do.

When the house was burning and flaming rafters were falling all around us, I could come through with speed, clarity, wit and insight.

When our backs were up against the wall of a deadline, when the work was due by nightfall, I could get it done and done well.

When the client was a dickwad and impossible to please because their demands and expectations were similarly dickwadish, I hardly batted an eye.

When the assignment was high-level and politically fraught, I was somehow able to navigate past Scylla and Charybdis and come through with the goods.

In fact, I became essentially the agency’s “Chief Fire-Putting-Out Officer.”

There are people who are way cooler than I.
Way trendier.
Way better at the agency game.

But when the shit is hitting the HVAC, call me.

You’ll like what you get. 

And you'll get it fast.

Please share this with those whom you think could benefit. Clients or agencies.

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