Monday, November 7, 2022

Ted and.

As those who know me or read me know, back in September I flew to Lisbon, Portugal to deliver a TEDx talk. It's finally been uploaded to YouTube and I'm posting it here.

I hope you don't hate it.

There's a notion that doing something like this is an individual sport. Nothing could be further from reality.

Laura Tannenbaum, my wife, came to Lisbon with me, made me rehearse, critiqued me, and drove me forward. As she always does--despite my moods and grumblings.

Hilary Love, my business manager, account director and friend, gave me great feedback on the earlier drafts of my talk and helped me shape it and make it better. She pulls no punches.

Sid Tomkins, my long-time art partner designed my slides and just generally put up with my back-and-forth and indecision. I've worked with Sid for decades. He makes everything he touches better.

Rob Schwartz, was my spiritual beacon and inspiration--he helps me shoot for what passes for stars in my universe. He also, importantly, was my wardrobe advisor--assuring that my inner Oscar Madison stayed very inner.

Debra Fried, gave encouragement and also wardrobe advice--telling me not to wear the baseball cap as too too. Her wisdom and laughter were with me on stage.

Teresa Alpert, a long-time confidant and advisor read and advised and encouraged. As she always has.

As did my brilliant daughters, Sarah and Hannah, who in never letting me get away with anything but what they expect from me, helped me move angstroms closer to being a decent person. Their incandescent love is light.

And of course, Marta Gonzaga, who plucked me off of LinkedIn and invited me to Lisbon and took care of me so well. Who I now count as a friend.




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