Friday, September 7, 2012

Client service.

One of the great felicities of modern life happened to me this morning. I put on a pair of freshly laundered jeans and reached into my right front pocket. There I found a freshly-laundered $20 bill.

There's nothing quite like finding money you didn't know you had. Even a relatively nominal sum like a $20. I guess that it's what it feel like if you work for Wall Street and pocket a $17 million bonus.

You feel good all day.

It occurred to me finding the $20 that that was a good way to think about how you perform in an agency.

People you work for, whether they are internal or clients, should always feel like they've found a $20 after you present to them. They should always feel surprised and pleased by something they weren't expecting. They should always feel like they've found a gift.


Bukes said...

Should, should, should. Seems to me, though, some clients feel like they aren't doing their jobs if they like or approve anything, ever.

They don't want that twenty. It means they've done something wrong to admit their agency has done something right.

george tannenbaum said...

Bukes. Try to keep the faith. Try to battle both cynicism and your clients' client-ness.